Portable Factory


Design and engineering research shift: from ideation to tangible assets ... Identifying your product path to growth.


Based on years of experience in the area of engineering, product development, prototyping and manufacturing, we pride ourselves of being the leading solutions provider of high quality deliverables from first concept to finished parts and cost-effective through the entire process spectrum.

In order for us to deliver first class turnkey solutions and constantly develop new product, methods or technologies, we welcome  innovative  and dynamic thinking and keep a close dialog with our customers and reflect the simplicity of technology design without loosing excitement.  


Industrial design is becoming increasingly important as a means to streamline the product workflow from concept to product introduction, enabling initial dialog and common language across multiple users to leverage concepts across platforms such as engineering, marketing, manufacturing and sales.

Services for every stage of your project life cycle - we support you at every phase of your industrial project.

  • Sketching and Concept Design demos for proposals down select and decision making.

  • Fast Concept Modeling and Polygon or Vertices Modeling.  

  • Incorporate high-end visualization and renderings of any format native math data. We use over 1,000 scientifically accurate materials to instantly visualize what your design will look like.

  • Mechanical design is a broad and complex field. It’s important to find the right team that has the experience and meets your specific needs. We have vast experience that ranges from simple concept creation all the way through elaborate complex assembly designs. Our engineering support extends in various aspects of manufacturing and product life cycle.

  • Meaningful simulations of today's complex system require arbitrary couplings between different physics phenomena in one and multiple models multiphysics. Hand-in-hand with 3D design development the virtual modeling and simulation is quintessential to product performance. With vast number of simulations to our credit, we certify complex mechanical systems via finite element analysis (FEA), static, multibody dynamics, impact and safety.

  • When work goes right as it should ....

    • CAD transfers

    • Physics

    • Mesh

    • Solvers

    • Postprocessing

    • Results

  • Prototyping and Manufacturing. For the integrity and fast turnaround, we keep manufacturing processes local. Our prototype shop is always buzzing, we like to get our hands dirty and put our safety glasses to good use. The high-tech machinery let us manipulate materials precisely, and creatively combine CNC milling, laser work, vacuum forming, 3D printing and other invaluable tools.

  • We go far beyond providing inspections and test reports – with our expertise and
    comprehensive experience, we assure the upmost quality and reliability for your assets and projects.