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Occupant Protection For Ground Vehicles And Beyond

Advanced seating technology with ballistic protection that provides an outstanding occupant protection for the most challenging environments.

The seating technology architecture is  primarily designed around the human factor and utilities with a number of protective layers  to mitigate a wide range of  blast threats. 

The E.A. Seats are modular and configurable to meet vehicle specific requirements for blast, side, frontal and rearward impacts and rollover.  

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Design adaptability to virtually any space required by various vehicle platforms – common and modular design goes across multiple vehicle volume design and interior space. Plug –In base line seat module with cross application over various seating applications, such as  driver, co-driver and troops.

Shrink Wrapped Design, seat module to fit within the most challenging vehicle interiors without compromising the occupant comfort and safety.


"Buy Now & Upgrade Later”  approach, allows procurement agencies and OEMs to use a  re-configurable seat technology to outfit/ retrofit vehicle fleet starting with a base line seat module (non - EA Seats) and use the upgrade kit options to scale up to  and convert to a fully functional EA Seat System – no need to repurchase a new seat.  EA Kits upgrades are available for the most common seating applications, side mounted, suspended  and floor mounted seats, including various levels of threats – low impact to high impulse.

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